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Junior College A-Level Enrichment Class

Junior College A-Level Enrichment

Our specialty lies in helping students master the standards required for A-level examination questions. We do this by focusing on oral and comprehension and tailoring learning according to the student’s O-level results.

Reading Comprehension & Basic Vocabulary

Basic Vocabulary: Full familiarization of exam questions. Intensive reading and fill-in-the-blank practice activities.

Reading Comprehension: Students are well-equipped to clearly understand exam questions, and taught how to answer questions logically.

Overcoming of Fear in Exam: Students are taught to combine logic with real life scenarios. Students also achieve full mastery of the PEEL method to score well for reading comprehension.

Composition & Oral

  • Integration of composition with oral examination to allow students to analyze topics carefully and avoid writing off topic. This also reduces their fear of writing and boosts their self confidence.
  • Master how to start and end a composition, practice using idioms and commonly used words to broaden students’ vocabulary.
  • Organized debates and other forms of fun learning activities for better learning experience.

Listening Comprehension

Teacher-student communication is carried out in Chinese to enrich students’ aural and oral skills and nurture their love for the language. Students are encouraged to pay attention to the teacher’s pronunciation during classes.

Adding To The Foundation

Introduction to advanced grammatical concepts and ideas.

The Story

Guided discussions and worked examples on how to add depth to a story.

Introduction To Transformation

Introduction and regular practice on transforming words to different forms and when to use them.

Intermediate Comprehension

Introduction to inference questions and how to go about solving them.


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