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30 Years of Experience

We create fun learning experiences to nurture creative learners

Phi Learning Chinese believes in nurturing and engaging students with activities(i.e. role play) to ensure lessons challenge them without the stress. With years of experience in the education industry, our teachers know how to capture student interest, provide a fun learning environment and prove results.

Our Teachers

  • Zhang Lao Shi

    Zhang Lao Shi

    Zhang Lao Shi is good at understanding student’s physical and mental characteristics. Tapping on a student's potential using strong logical thinking methods and interesting classes in cultivating students' interest and confidence in learning chinese. Allowing students to enjoy the sense of achievement in learning Chinese and encourage students in pursuing progression.
  • Peng Lao Shi

    Peng Lao Shi

    Peng Lao Shi was formerly a senior Chinese teacher in a local school. Her superpower is in getting students to enjoy reading and writing while honing their critical thinking skills!
  • Liu Lao Shi

    Liu Lao Shi

    Liu Lao Shi holds 20 years of teaching experience in Singapore. Previously, she was a Chinese teacher for Primary 5 & 6 students at Yinghua Primary School. She believes in cultivating students' good study habits and mastering effective study methods, and firmly adheres to the educational philosophy of 圣贤施教, 各因其材, 小以小成, 大以大成 and 无弃人也.
  • Peng Lao Shi

    Peng Lao Shi

    Experienced in teaching at a key university in China, Peng Lao Shi continued her studies in Singapore while teaching in a local primary school. In Phi Learning Chinese, she tailors learning to the unique characteristics of every student. Her teaching has not only raved in positive feedback from students but support and praises from their parents as well!
  • Lee Lao Shi

    Lee Lao Shi

    With many years of teaching experience, Lee Lao Shi is a very patient teacher who inspires and cultivates students' interest in the Chinese Language. At Phi Learning Chinese, she is extremely well loved by her students for her dedication in teaching.
  • Feng Lao Shi

    Feng Lao Shi’s patience and dedication has allowed her to cultivate healthy study habits in her students, with many of them gaining newfound self confidence. Thanks to Feng Lao Shi, many of our students are no longer afraid of the Chinese language!


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