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Primary 5 & 6 Chinese Enrichment Class

Primary 5 & 6 Chinese Enrichment

Proven teaching methods that improve students’ foundation in Chinese and hone their critical thinking skills. Learning specially tailored to the student’s needs. Fun classroom activities and materials that nurture students’ interest in Chinese with close communication with parents to ensure no student gets left behind.

Reading Comprehension & Basic Vocabulary

Basic Vocabulary: Capturing a list of words and pointers useful in examinations, mastering tone and expression to allow students to excel in future examinations.

Textbook Learning: Unique analysis of questions, allow students to completely answer the question correctly with minimal point reduction.

Reading Comprehension: Allow students to clearly understand the types of questions during examination. Cultivate their ability to examine questions carefully and strengthen independent reading with logical thinking.

Solve Students’ Fear of Difficult Questions: Guide students on how to understand every sentence by applying real life scenarios. Teach students to focus on important keywords so that students will not be afraid of reading comprehension.

Composition & Oral

  • Cultivate students’ ability in picture analysis by combining composition and oral examination. This helps students avoid writing out of topic and elevates their confidence.
  • Master how to start and end a composition, practice using idioms and commonly use words to broaden students’ vocabulary.
  • Study essays on different topics to broaden students’ general knowledge.
  • Practice spoken Chinese to prepare for oral examination through organized debates, performances, and speeches.

Listening Comprehension

Teacher-student communication is carried out in Chinese to enrich students’ aural and oral skills and nurture their love for the language. Students are encouraged to pay attention to the teacher’s pronunciation during classes.

Adding To The Foundation

Introduction to advanced grammatical concepts and ideas.

The Story

Guided discussions and worked examples on how to add depth to a story.

Introduction To Transformation

Introduction and regular practice on transforming words to different forms and when to use them.

Intermediate Comprehension

Introduction to inference questions and how to go about solving them.


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