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Primary 1 - 4 Chinese Enrichment Class

Primary 1 - 4 Chinese Enrichment

With years of teaching experience in local schools, our teachers are qualified with requirements that adhere to the Ministry of Education standards. Effective curriculum specially designed by Chinese education experts with unique and fun learning techniques that keep students interest in Chinese language.

Reading Comprehension & Basic Vocabulary

Basic Vocabulary: Every student will carry a dictation book to encourage frequent practice. Students with good dictation are rewarded and through positive reinforcement are encouraged to expand their mastery in Chinese Language.

Sentence Structuring: Speak more, write less - emphasis is on related words.

Reading Comprehension: Cultivate students’ ability to carefully review questions through reading. Strengthen independent reading ability through logical thinking.

Composition & Oral

  • Integration of composition and oral examination. Students will look at a picture, act out what’s on the picture and then write out what they did. This avoids students’ fear of writing and build up their confidence.
  • Master how to start and end a composition, practice using idioms, common words and profound terms to broaden their vocabulary.
  • Study essays on different topics to broaden students’ general knowledge.
  • Practice reading aloud with model essays.


Teacher-student communication is carried out in Chinese language to enrich students’ aural and oral skills and nurture their love for the language. Students are encouraged to pay attention to the teacher’s pronunciation during classes.
Picture of a Pri 1 -4 student

Adding To The Foundation

Introduction to advanced grammatical concepts and ideas.

The Story

Guided discussions and worked examples on how to add depth to a story.

Introduction To Transformation

Introduction and regular practice on transforming words to different forms and when to use them.

Intermediate Comprehension

Introduction to inference questions and how to go about solving them.


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